Four Tips to Keep in Mind when Replacing your Manhole Covers

So you have a new project at home and a load of slabs has been delivered. Unfortunately, the delivery vehicle broke your manhole cover after driving straight over it. Now, you want the best solution for this situation. Perhaps you have already taken measurements of the old cover and the name. While this information can provide you with clues, it is not enough for your manhole cover supplier to tell what exactly you need. Although you may have knowledge of plastic manholes and alternative manhole materials, this does not mean you know manhole covers well. Read on to know some tips when buying replacement manhole covers.

Replace Both the Cover and the Fames

Although it can be irritating, you must replace the manhole cover and the frame in which it sits. This is because you may not be able to find a cover that perfectly fits your old frame unless your manhole has been just been installed recently. Keep in mind that the cover should fit the frame perfectly to ensure the strength of the entire unit won’t be compromised. Thus, start by removing the old cover and frame, buy a new cover and frame that has the correct size and loading capacity, and install them properly. Spend time tracking down the correct replacement.

Get the Correct Size

Manhole cover manufacturers stick to their method of measuring their covers. No matter their make, manhole covers and frames are measured by the clear opening size after the cover is removed. This means measuring the distance across from the frame’s inside walls, from one side to the other. This measurement must be taken from the existing frame and noted. This should be the only measurement you will need unless the cover is fitted above a plastic inspection chamber.

Determine the Correct Loading Capacity

Is your manhole cover in a pedestrian area like the garden? If so, you will need to buy an A class cover, rated to 2.5 tonnes. If the cover is in the driveway, secure a B class rated to 5 tonnes and can support 1.25 tonnes of slow-moving wheel load. This should be enough unless you drive a tank every day. If you tend to drive a small truck or van, purchase a C class cover that has a 10-tonne load capacity.

Choose with Cover Material to Go For

In terms of the materials your manhole cover should be made from, the choice is yours. Before, the majority of covers were made of iron; however, with the availability of technology today, you have wide options to choose from. These include galvanized steel, iron, and plastic.

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